A Traveler’s App Buddy

People know that I am a techie person. I love surfing the internet as well as developing sites for my friends. I love WordPress that is why I end up using it in my various blogs. I also love to crack codes, use new software and fix computers when it’s acting up. Aside from this, what I love about technology is the fact that it can let me do whatever I want wherever I go you see, I also love…

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Mommy Solutions for Baby Monitoring

I’ve been looking for a great baby monitor for a very long time. When it comes to products that ensure the safety of my children, I have very high standards, as I believe any Mother Should. I don’t think that that is unreasonable or irrational, to hold the highest quality standards for anything that I am paying to ensure that my child remains safe and healthy. I saw that baby monitors were under my standard of required quality for baby…

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