I have a new electric scooter. This was given to me by my partner Raymond for my 23rd birthday. Raymond really knows the things I badly needs. We are now living together and he sees how I struggle with the daily commute. My work in the city, which is a district away from where we live, take one hour of travel. I usually hail a cab to get to work but I usually end up stuck in traffic during the rush hours. I always complain to him always everyday and now, for my 23rd birthday, he got me an electric scooter!

What’s more amazing is that he also got one for himself. It took me a week of learning how to drive an electric scooter and I really enjoyed it. This was Raymond’s second purchase of an electric scooter but he does not like his old one that is why he sold it. When he learned about the company Unu Motors, a provider of high quality electric scooters, or what they name as elektrische scooter, he did not think twice to buy two for ourselves! Do you know what is the best thing about Unu Motors? Well, I loved how it is directed to save our nature while giving quality service to its users.

The electric scooters of Unu Motors are 100 percent ran by electricity. It also has a portable battery so that you can charge wherever. That is really nice especially we love having roadtrips within the city. I bet our late night dates will usually occur as we already have our own go-to vehicles which can take us wherever within the city.

When I started using my electric scooter, I felt in love with it. It never gave me the hassle I usually feel when I ride a car and it is also low maintenance that is why I can still keep up with my busy schedule without worrying too much for my scooter. It is really a big help for us.