I just got back from my month long trip to South America. In my trip I volunteered in a hostel for two weeks while touring different cities. I also got to volunteer as a teacher in a remote province where education is not fully reached. I thought basic English, reading, writing, some math skills, and livelihood education for the kids aging 3-16. I also taught women on basic personal hygiene and health care. Traveling is my passion and I lot meeting people and being in a different place in a different time.

But there are times when I just want to go home and rest for a while. While traveling for me is home, amidst the fact that for me, being on the road is something I will do for the rest of my life, sometimes I need rest for a while and go back home to where my parents are.

Just last week, after checking in to a hotel, I went to my parent’s home in the country side. I just missed them so much and there are a lot of things I want to tell them, like the lessons I learned on the road, the people I met, the culture I learned and just about anything, even random people I find attractive.

My mother encouraged me to rest one afternoon in her garden and I was happy to see her flowers blooming. I remember when we were just kids, my mother will always spend time tending to her plants and she will call us to show us her blooming flowers. Now, I can rest my body in the garden as she set up a nice set of Adirondack chairs with a wooden table. It also has an umbrella which keeps us shaded from the setting of the sun. Beneath the table are glossy travel magazines. In the table, she put up a glass vase where she puts her freshly picked flowers. Right now, her vase is filled with fragrant sunflowers which she just picked this morning.

My mother prepared hot tea and some biscuits for us to chew on while I went on an array of many stories. I told her about my stint as a volunteer teacher. I also told her about the time when I was dating a French I met in a hostel in Argentina and how we split because I do not just want to commit on someone. I also told her when I suddnelty met an accident while driving a motorcycle going to a charity house. Good thing though many locals there helped me and rushed me to the hospital.

Today, I am sitting again here in my mother’s Adirondack chair, which I find really really comfortable. I have been used to other wooden chairs during my backpacking trip but this one is really awesome.  It does not give me back aches even though I have been sitting here for almost three hours now while tpying because I need to finish an assignment. I do not mind sitting her all day thoug,h because the fact that I am in my mother’s garden make me feel very at home. It makes me feel really at home.