My husband and I always end up doing the exact same thing over and over again. For me, and somebody who loves that kind of structure, I don’t really have any complaints. But, there are times when I feel like I should be doing something a little bit more surprising and fresh just to keep him on his toes. I’ve been thinking about this especially in regards to the gifts that I buy him for his birthday, and other holidays. See, four years now all I’ve ever done is but him a new piece of Outdoor Equipment of some kind. Some kind of camping tool, like a tent or a cooler, or even just something like a Tumblr.

I always buy him the best, top-of-the-line stuff, which I usually find by doing my research and ending up on the site like survival cooking. Survival Cooking is a very impressive website that has a bunch of reviews for all sorts of different outdoor gear. For somebody like me, who is married to an outdoor enthusiasts, but who does not know very much about the products or Brands, websites like this are essential for me because I am able to make an informed decision on what product that I buy for my husband because of the extremely detailed and well written reviews that that website hosts. So, that’s where I’m at with this, is that I think that maybe this time around I should do something other than some camping gear, and I was he been thinking about buying him a really nice watch. I was browsing around the wrist watches on the internet, and I thought of some really beautiful ones, I found some incredibly slick and cool watches that I think my husband would really enjoy. The only thing is he’s never said anything about wanting a watch, but I don’t think that he would just like the gift he’s told me about a few tools and supplies that he wants, but I think I’m just going to surprise him and go with the watch. That’s what my gut is telling me to do, and I think will be very excited, and he can buy the tools that he wants himself. Gonna look for the best watches under 500!!!