Hello my dear readers!

I am happy to have such a wonderful platform for my thought and stories.

I recently came back from Norway full of positive energy.

So my first post will about this marvelous country. I traveled together with my friend and most of our holiday we spend in Bergen. We stayed in a historic hotel and we had a spectacular view from our window.

To be honest, in winter, I do quite a lot of skiing and this is why we actually came here. The weather was cold and perfect for our activity. The mountains around the city were covered in thick snow. In the quiet waters we could sail past mountains, waterfalls and fields. We took many photos and decided to print out some of them.

We also tried some traditional dishes. Norway is famous for its fish and seafood, especially salmon, shrimps, lobster and caviar. The food was so delicious! I am sure you would be amazed.

We enjoyed our holiday there and can’t wait to visit Norway again. Next time we are going to visit Oslo. There are lots of interesting places as well.

See you soon.