If you tuned in to this post thinking that you’re going to read about a guy who drives a Yaris all the time, you’re way off, that’s somebody else’s blog! My name is Yaris comma and these are my Adventures. If you’re a return reader, welcome back, and things have been going pretty well.

I’ve been playing lots of sports with my friends and I have had a lot of auditions for my acting work lately, haven’t gotten any parts yet, not for a while at least, but I think that Gathering some good momentum and that things are going to start going my way super soon.

In the meantime, I have to say, that I really appreciated having the blog as an outlet, even though sometimes I can’t think of what to write. Like, my life is pretty exciting and I really like the things going on, but sometimes I’m like– I don’t know if this is worth sharing, you know?

So, I’m going to give you a bit of a tip this time, because I love writing this blog so much and maybe you want to start a blog too!? If you do, this is a little tip that nobody else is going to tell you.

Well, maybe some people will tell you, but I was never told that and I have learned it.

When you need Stock Photos, use EyeEm.  It’s a literally the only good site for stock photography, and stock photography is way more essential than I thought it was going to be. You need a stock photograph for almost every single one of your articles and blogs, and less you have an original image that you’re going to use, but those are hard to procure.

So, use the EyeEm site, because the other sites are really not that good. I wasted weeks of blogging spending hours on other stock photography sights and I never got any bang for my buck at all, time-wise, it was a total waste. So, when I stumbled on this EyeEm it was really a breath of fresh air and now I just want to tell the world to use that for their stock photographs instead of any of the other platforms, I’m pretty sure I tried them all, and this is the only good one.