People know that I am a techie person. I love surfing the internet as well as developing sites for my friends. I love WordPress that is why I end up using it in my various blogs. I also love to crack codes, use new software and fix computers when it’s acting up.

Aside from this, what I love about technology is the fact that it can let me do whatever I want wherever I go you see, I also love adventures, that’s the name of my blog is Yaris Adventures. I always go to different places, like South America, Asia and Europe and discover things. I am a wanderlust and I thank the advent new technology for coming up different ways to get connected when you are far away from people like your friends and your family.

When I was in Southeast Asia, I was in a hostel in Laos which really has this super strong internet line is just beyond perfect for my digital work. I probably spend at least 8 hours every day in front of my laptop and tablet because that’s just the only time when I have strong wifi signal and I am taking every opportunity while the strong internet lasts. Glad I also made smooth transactions on online shops which accept credit cards while I was traveling.

My friend, whom I was chatting with via WhatsApp said we should try Line, a messaging app which has been used by many on Thailand.

She said it is really reliable, with many fun and up to date stickers you can use in different circumstances, say your angry, or your are busy at work or if it’s Valentine’s Day or what. Good thing when I found it in Google Play. It can easily be found; probably its makers have unvested a lot on its app store optimization strategy.

And so I downloaded it and me and my friend started chatting there. People can also form group and have voice calls. It’s really fun! I suggest you also use it for you and your friends or if you have loved one abroad. It’s like they are just there, given you have a nice internet connection and you’re good to go.